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Dolly Blues' Historian Unearths Records (Written 04-10-10)

In the course of a detailed investigation into the history of Lancaster City FC, information and facts have come to light which clearly show that the formation of the club as it is known today was actually 1911, not 1905 as originally thought.

A thorough study of local newspaper archives and minutes of Lancashire Football Association committee meetings was undertaken by David Cunliffe, official historian of Lancaster City FC.

It was already known the club formed in 1905, Lancaster AFC, folded in 1910 and was believed to have been replaced by Lancaster Town FC in 1911. However this investigation has revealed the new club would only have been permitted to join the Lancashire FA if it had satisfied the authorities it had no connection whatsoever with the previous Lancaster club.

Records unearthed by David Cunliffe confirm the new club, Lancaster Town FC, was indeed a completely new and separately constituted entity from 1911 onwards. Lancaster Town FC was subsequently re-named Lancaster City FC following the granting of the Royal Charter to Lancaster in 1937.

David Cunliffe, a long standing Lancaster City supporter, was surprised by his own findings. “I started out trying to prove the club was formed in 1905, or even earlier, but it turned out to be six years later. I hope all the people who celebrated what they thought was our centenary back in 2005 won’t be too upset with me.”

David’s comprehensive report, which delved into records as far back as the 1880s, is available for scrutiny from the club office.

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